Planning a Corporate Event? Consider Sommelier-Guided Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Whether it is a corporate event or a family one, wine tasting has become a popular choice. The main reason for the popularity of these events is because of the advantages that come along with wine. Also, it is considered as one of those things that can brand a gathering as “classy”. And when it is clubbed by inviting a wine sommelier to guide people for wine tasting, it is guaranteed to provide a memorable impact. This is one of the reasons that there has been an increase in the demand for corporate wine tasting events that are guided by the sommelier.

5 Reasons Why Sommelier-Guided Wine Tasting Events Are On The Rise

Engaging And Interactive: The success of a corporate event depends upon how much the clients enjoy during the event. For that, the event must be engaging and interactive as it directly impacts how clients perceive the company they are dealing with. The common wine tasting events contain multi-course dinners, team-building exercises like a blind tasting, where they have to identify the type of grapes or the region where the wines are from with the assistance of the sommelier.

Improves Knowledge About Wines: Client-facing teams also learn a lot about wines while attending these events as they are in constant touch with the sommeliers. This helps them in the future where they have to identify the best-suited wine from the menu for an important client. They also get confidence and that reflects when they are interacting with the clients during the meetings.

Creates A Common Ground: Any corporate wine tasting event is focused on building relations with the clients and the best way to do that is to have a common point of discussion. Wines can certainly bring everyone on the same table as they have many variations like region, culture, history and more. And of course, the little amount of alcohol is there to bring joy to the gathering.

Wine Culture Is Growing: In the last two decades, the wine culture has grown significantly. People have started taking more interest in wines and when you bring certified sommeliers to the party, it opens gates for multiple questions to be asked from all directions about wines. People have started taking interest in wines from different countries like Italy, France, Germany and more.

Exclusivity: In general, people do not get to have a close encounter with wine sommeliers as in most restaurants the waiters have the most basic information about the wines they serve. In such wine events, clients get to ask more personal questions and they feel valued. Even in the general wine tasting events, the sommeliers are just trying to sell their wines by claiming that it is the best. But with a private sommelier, who has no pressure of selling anything, clients get to know the real story instead of someone unconditionally praising what is there in the glass.